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What to look for when choosing a curling wand in 2015

curling-wand-small-logoHi girls! Choosing the correct curling wand for your hair can be tricky. All wands are not standard and not all work well on all hair types. In addition, if you are a novice at curling, you will need to take a step back and use the more flexible types to ensure that you do not harm your hair or scalp. And choosing a good brand is also though. Remington, HSI, Conair, Revlon, HerStyler and Hot Tools are just a few among the titans in this industry. So, what is the best curling unit than? For those of you who don’t like to read all the tiny details that led me to building this site, here are the 3 main curling irons and wands which I recommend:

HSI Professional Curling Iron Set XTAVA Professional 5-in-1 Curling Iron Remington T-Studio London Edition Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand
HSI Professional Curling Iron Set  XTAVA Professional 5-in-1 Curling Iron Remington CI9538 T|Studio London Edition Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand
Iron Iron Wand
1-year warranty 5-year warranty 4-year warranty (limited)
95/100 96/100 93/100
Ceramic tourmaline, 4 barrel sizes: 0.75″, 1″, 1.5″, 0.75-1″ Ceramic tourmaline, 5 barrel sizes: 1.25″, 1″, 0.7″-1″, 0.75″, 0.3″-0.75″ Ceramic pearl
Far infrared technology, consistent even heat distribution, sleek ergonomic design, non-slip grip, digital temperature control 360 swivel and 8 ft. long power cord, auto shut-off function, universal dual voltage High heating temperature (410 F degrees), fast heat up time (30s), auto shut-off function, digital temperature display and control
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If you made it this far, that means you want to know more about this subject. So let’s move over to the next thing in line:

Curling wands vs. Curling irons

If you need an even soft curl, from the root to the tip of your hair, than a curling iron is what you need. This works best for frizzy, really textured hair, which will be smoothly curled, while also improving the damaged ends by adding extra shine. If you however need a super fast and modern curling unit, you should go for the conical wands. The feel of your hair is also different. Curling irons provide a flat smooth curl, while curling wands provide more of a puffy bigger curl, giving extra volume.

Types of curling wands

Ceramic wands

This type of wand delivers a smooth feel and moves effortlessly over your hair, ensuring that it does not tangle in the process. The distribution of heat is uniform, ensuring that each curl evens out at the same temperature. Ceramic curling tools are cheap and stretch resistant. The downside is that they can get incredibly hot and you will therefore need to take precautions such as protecting your whole hand using gloves that resist heat.

My favorite ceramic curling wand is:

Remington T-studio Salon Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling WandRemington T-studio Salon Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand

Tourmaline wands

Tourmaline is very general and works for all hair types. It is even good for those hair types that have weathered the damages caused by poor maintenance. It can take a great deal of heat without becoming overly hot. The presence of gemstone in the coating prevents the occurrence of friction, ensuring smooth movements and protecting the hair from pressure that can lead to wear. This material is relatively new when it comes to curling technologies and removes frizz and static from the curling process. It is heavily used in conjunction with ceramic.

My favorite tourmaline curling iron is:

Bed Head Wave Artist Tourmaline Ceramic Deep WaverBed Head Wave Artist Tourmaline Ceramic Deep Waver

  • Check out my full review
  • Create Distinctive Waves
  • Instant heat recovery
  • Professional flexi cord
  • Plate locking switch for easy storage and travel
  • 0.75″ length
  • Frizz-free shiny styles, thanks to tourmaline technology
  • High even heat that penetrates hair from the inside-out, helping to retain natural moisture, thanks to ceramic technology
  • 3-year warranty
  • See the best price and read thousands of awesome reviews


This option is one of the most efficient when it comes to the management of heat. It works for hair that is too thick, too coarse or even very unmanageable. It releases ions and infra read heat that boosts the curling process by ensuring that it takes half the time tourmaline and ceramic wands to implement perfect curls. It also keeps the hair safe by ensuring that natural oils do not dry out.

My favorite nano curling wand:

Babyliss Pro Nano Miracurl Steamtech Curl MachineBabyliss Pro Nano Miracurl Steamtech Curl Machine

  • Optional steam function for extra smooth and shiny curls
  • MaxLife PRO brushless motor offers powerful surround-heat ready in seconds, with ultra-fast heat recovery.
  • Longer lasting curls (up to 24h)
  • Adjustable heat, time and curl type
  • Nano Titanium curl chamber
  • Long swivel cord
  • Heats up to 450F
  • 1-year warranty
  • A bit pricey, but check out this deal I’ve found

Factors to consider when making choice of a wand

Heat settings

If your hair comes in thick waves, then it can stand a lot of heat, so you can go with the types that work at the highest temperatures. If you have sparse, thin or weak hair, you might want to settle on the less heat-oriented types as too much heat might ruin it for you by weakening your hair even further. However, most of the types out there have adjustable setting, allowing you to vary the heat levels to a number of your choice, depending on the type of hair you have. Keep the temperatures below 350 degrees if your hair is thick. Above that, it gets risky and is only safe if you are a professional stylist. If you possess thin air, go with a maximum of 170 degrees.


Ceramic ad tourmaline are good choices that keep your hair shiny and good looking while maintaining a rich vein of health. The temperature levels are always consistent with these two. Titanium barrels are a great choice if you are dealing with a hair type that is either too coarse or hard to heat. It also does well with hair that is hard to manage. Chrome and gold are relatively good choices available on the cheap. However, they are not able to fight frizz. Chrome needs special caution because it can distribute heat unevenly, damaging to your hair. Metal steam barrels are particularly good with hair that is too thin and refuses to curl. When the metal removes steam from your hair, it releases moisture as a replacement, hence keeping the hair safely hydrated for curling.


Cone shaped wands provide precision and give you the chance to make thick or thin curls with the use of a single tool. Beach waves and romantic curls are hard to pull off, but not with cone shaped wands. Straight barrels give a uniform look, allowing you the flexibility to make ringlets and coils. Spiral barrels have the ability to manipulate your hair into forming the shape you desire. Flats can work with hair that is either short or long and work best when you possess a straightener. Pearl designs will give you a lush overflow of curls that do not have a pre-defined shape. Wavers also go by the name of double or triple barrels. They provide an amazing result, with the result being waves shaped in the mold of the letter 8 as opposed to curls.

Safety features

While curling your hair, there are obvious risks involved and they all center on the use of heat. High temperatures can burn your hair, weaken it or at the worst-case scenario, burn your scalp. The best curling wand type will have an indicator off temperature levels at any point it is on or in use. When the situation deems it necessary, it activates its own shut off system in a bid to keep you safe.

Ready to use

Some wands will take too long to heat up. You will soon realize that this is the waste of time as well as power. The best wands out there need to heat up within 30 seconds. Keep in mind that heavily coated materials will take longer to heat up than the ones with a thin coating. However, you will need to strike a balance between the type of the material involved and the concept of how fast it heats up.

In addition to said features, you will also need to look at the temperature potential of a curling wand. Choose the ones that go to the maximum temperatures as you never know when your hair might need more heat. However, do not set your temperatures at the absolute maximum levels if you are not an expert in curling. As pertains to the power cord, ensure that it is as long as the room of application entails. This gives you the flexibility and mobility you need while curling your hair. If you have a history of power outages in your area, choose types that come with a battery as a backup so that you will not have to stop curling midway through due to a loss of power. Finally, choose curling wand types that can curl, “volumize” and style at the same time.

curling-wand-small-logoSo, what do you think? Did I get all the features right? Have I missed anything? Have some tips for me and for the readers of Feel free to use the form bellow to share them. Until then, happy curling everybody?

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