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Remington – the haircare specialist review

Remington logoThere are many hair care product lines and brands available in the market. Before purchasing any hair care product, whether cosmetic or device, it is advisable to make a number of considerations and evaluations about the manufacturer. Here is a detailed description of Remington – the hair care devices producer.

Company description

Remington is one of the most renowned companies that specialize in the manufacture of hair care products including styling devices and worn accessories. It is important to remember that Remington offers a wide variety of products for both men and women including non hair care items. Their first involvement in producing beautification and care products dates back to the 1930s when their first electric shaver was developed. They have since manufactured various products for hair care, skin care, beautification and accessorizing. One of the most popular adverts in care products stem from the 1978 statement that Victor Kiam (who was the owner of Remington at the time) said. After his wife bought him a Remington shaver, he was so impressed that he went ahead and bought the company altogether. The renowned Remington (officially Remington Products) is a subsidiary of Spectrum Brands and manufactures razors as well as epilators besides hair care products.

Remington care products

When Remington first started business, care products were the least of their concerns and they only plunged into this field after producing their first shaver. The company has since assimilated and bought various care product companies gathering technology and professional workforce to lead new innovations. They now offer a wide array of care products ranging from epilators to razors, hair shavers and general body care devices and accessories. There is a wide range of hair care products offered by Remington ranging from shavers and razors to curling wands, hair setters, hair dryers, styling tools and flat irons among many others. As a market leader with worldwide exposure, Remington has invested in hair products for quite some time and their offers are some of the best quality you can ever find. Over the many years of business experience, their designs and products have incorporated newer technologies to improve issues of comfort and ergonomics as well as durability, sturdiness, aesthetics, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. They provide devices for tending to different kinds of body hair to facilitate maintenance as well as styling. Their Lady Remington product line is among the most reviewed and they have international outreach with products sales across the globe.

Remington curling wands

One of their most popular hair care product is the Remington curling wand brands. These styling wands are designed to provide instant curling without the need to have an extra clamp. The devices work just perfect when the hair is wrapped around bare which puts less stress on the hair being curled. They also feature various trademark attributes including fizz-free technologies instant heating that can quickly heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit within 30 seconds and auto-shutoff characteristics for energy efficiency. Some of the most popular wands include the slim and wide T|Studio salon-friendly conical instant curling wands. They also have high-tech products like retractable bristle wands and special curl designs for different curling styles like pearls. Most wands are offered as single products although some come in duo with AC hair dryers.

Check out my favorite curling wand:

Remington Silk Ceramic Wide Styling WandRemington CI96X1 Silk Ceramic Wide Styling Wand

  • 1″- 1 1/2″ – professional tight and loose curls
  • Silk protein-infused ceramic barrel – provides those silky-smooth curls
  • High heat at 410F
  • Digital controls and display
  • Fast heat up time – 30 seconds, auto shuts off after 1h, includes a heat resistant glove
  • Comes with a 4-year warranty
  • Get the best price here

Remington curling irons

As you may know by now, curling irons are essentially different from curling wands, but that didn’t stop Remington to produce these as well. The build materials are in many cases far superior to what competition has to offer, in matter of curling irons. Here’s my favorite from Remington:

Remington CI5232 Instant Curls Ceramic Hair Curling IronRemington CI5232 Instant Curls Ceramic Hair Curling Iron

  • Ceramic iron technology, 1 1/4″ in size
  • Comes with a heat protective sleeve that provides a great safe storage option
  • Heats up to 350F, 30 heat settings
  • Fast heat up time – 30 seconds
  • Auto shuts off after 1h, swivel xord
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Check out the price I’ve found for this unit

Remington hair straighteners

This company description wouldn’t be completed without bringing up their hair straighteners. Remington produces one of the best selection of such units. They come in all size and formats, and usually impress through the high quality Ceramic Barrel, the wide range of additional features (such as the interchangeable attachments), the salon-quality powerful heat, their swivel cord and their durability.

Here’s my favorite Remington hair straightener:

Remington S8530 Anti Frizz Therapy StraightenerRemington S8530 Anti Frizz Therapy Straightener

  • Anti-frizz technology – substantial frizz reduction
  • Ceramic technology – heats up in just 30 seconds
  • Salon-quality heat – heats up to 450F
  • Digital controls and display, swivel cord
  • Comes with a 4-year warranty
  • Take a look at the best deal for this product

Other Remington technologies

When it comes to modern hair care devices, technology is one of the crucial considerations people make. It is only normal that everyone wants to enjoy the conveniences and efficiency provided by advanced technologies. Remington is a powerhouse in the hair care industry with a worldwide reputation which stems from consistency in customer satisfaction. They invest in researching new techniques of improving device efficiency and reducing the load of work needed to achieve various beautification and styling. They incorporate various patented technologies for the design body and computation as well as sturdiness. The T|Studio line of care products are particularly known for including high-tech infusion of pearls into ceramic curling wands for the most advanced ceramic surfaces. They also offer multifunctional devices that can be used for multiple care activities. What’s more, Remington is committed to the manufacture of energy efficient care devices that are lightweight and conveniently portable. They also have great concern for environmental friendliness and integrate ultimate durability into all their designs.


curling-wand-small-logoRemington is renowned for manufacturing care devices that are easy to use and efficient in their purpose. Most of their products are market leaders with high performance and unmatched longevity. It is advisable to buy from credible licensed distributors who are licensed to retail in the area. This will ensure you land original genuine quality with all the claimed benefits.

What do you think about Remington? Do you like this company? Own any of their products? I would love to read your thoughts.

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