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How to Curl Short Hair

curling-wand-small-logoYour hair can be long or short, but a well maintained hairstyle speaks volumes about what sort of care you take on your appearance. Short hair need not limit your options for impressive grooming. In fact, there are a variety of ways to introduce curls on short hair.

Methods that do not use heat

You need not use expensive means to get curls on short hair. Some of the simplest methods are actually quite inexpensive and do not require a whole lot more than things you probably have in your possession. Some of these techniques are:

Using a Headband

HeadbandIt is best to have your hair a little damp for this method. Wash your hair as you usually do but do not allow it to dry out. While it is still slightly damp, apply a gel or cream if you have fairly straight hair. If it is frizzy, it is better to apply some anti-frizz cream.

Once this is done, put on a thin strip of fabric headband around your head. Next, take a couple of strands of hair and wrap them under the headband all around you head working from front to back. Do this on both sides of the band.

You can adjust the volume of the curls depending how many strands you wrap as a single curl. Sleep with a plastic shower cap overnight. By morning you should have healthy curls that you can set with hairspray.

Using an old T-Shirt

Old T-shirtThis method is a slight variation to the headband method. Similarly, you will wash your hair and leave it damp. This time however, you shall take bunches of hair and wrap them around the strips of an old T-shirt that you have cut into pieces about one inch wide.

The strands will be wrapped around the strips as if you are winding coiling them around a rod or stick. At the end of each curl, you should tie a knot. Stay with these strips overnight, or all day if you are doing this during the day.

The following morning, or at the end of the day, untie the knots and apply mousse without brushing out the curls except at the very end where the knots were tied overnight. This will leave you with well defined curls.

Doing pin curls using rollers

RolersThis last method is a bit more defined than the previous two methods. Here you will use the rollers much like the ones used in the salon while in the drier. Part your hair into neat manageable parts of roughly equal size

After washing and drying your hair, apply a conditioner that is suitable for your type of hair. If you prefer rigid curls you could leave out the conditioning in totality. Next, twirl each section around your finger and unroll the strands around a roller and put a roller pin through the hair and the roller to keep it in place overnight.

Apply hairspray to add to the process of curling. When relatively dry the pins can be removed and the resulting curls unwound and slightly shaken to give them a naturally tousled appearance.

Methods that use heat

The other set of methods use heat so that they set faster. The easiest and most convenient way would be for you to have your curls done by a professional hairdresser. Nonetheless, with a few affordable tools, you could achieve similar results in the comfort of your home.

Using a Curling Iron

First of all ensure that your hair is clean and dry. Wash your hair with all the ingredients that you normally would, such as shampoo and conditioner. You could apply hair food and strengtheners. After this, use a blow drier to make sure that your hair is totally dry.

Avoid using hairspray before you curl your hair. The combination of the heat and the chemicals in the hairspray can damage your hair. It helps to apply a small amount of gel to protect your hair and scalp.

Separate your hair into two layers, a top and a bottom one. Wrap your hair around the curling iron and make sure that the heat is not excessive so not to burn your hair or scalp. Hold the curler in place for only 5 seconds. This is enough to create the curl. You can now apply a short burst of hairspray to keep all your curls in place.

Using a Flat Iron

Use the same precautions that you will use for the curling iron method above. Especially make sure that the hair is dry because when intense heat is applied to hair that is not dry, it can cause extensive damage that will take a long time to repair.

Also, as flat irons are less versatile than curling iron, be sure to use the right size for the length of your hair. The shorter your hair, the slimmer the flat iron you will have to use so as to avoid contact with the scalp.

Flat irons for your hair are quite affordable and can be found in Wal-Mart among other general store. They do not specifically have to be bought in a hair specialist outlet.

Using a Curling Wand

As with the above two methods, use precautions to ensure that your hair is totally dry. The specific differences with curling wands are the type of wand that is utilized to create your curls.There are many types,so you can take your pick.

The wands can have a short barrel or a long barrel. Short barrels are used to create more curls and are useful for creating more volume of curls. If your hair is slightly longer, you can use a slightly longer barreled wand.


curling-wand-small-logoIn conclusion, there are a variety of methods that you can use to get the right curls for shorter hair. They needn’t be expensive or complex and can be done easily with very little effort on your part. So, why not experiment a bit with the methods prescribed in this article and see a smarter, neater you. By the way, if you have any other way for achieving curls on short hair, don’t be shy, please share them with us.

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