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Get beautiful waves with the affordable Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver

Bed Head

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On June 25, 2015
Last modified:November 17, 2015


If you want you hair rather wavy than curly, than you're in the right place. Bed Head produces one of the best ceramic wavers on the market, and the Wave Artist is definitely one of them. Overall, I recommend this product to any woman who wants to get a distinctive look.

curling-wand-small-logoStraight hair often looks good on people but at times, it becomes boring to wear the same style. Getting a curly look is quite fun and curls can be of various forms such as long waves, sculpted waves, short curls or long curls. Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver is the perfect option for giving your hair the wavy appearance without making it bounce too much. Here’s what you’ll get from me in the next 2 minutes:

Product Specifications

This particular product inherits all the essential elements which one would normally look in a Bed Head Waver.

  • Its dimensions include 15*9*7 inches with a total weight of one pound.
  • It includes an On & Off switch which lights up when the product is switched on.
  • In case of heat levels – it must be high for hard-to-style and thick hair; medium for wavy as well as medium hair; and low in case of thin and fine hair. The heat level can well be adjusted depending on the hair quality.


To get a better grip on the product, check out this great video from Melissa:

Product Features

This amazing product performs by treating the hair which are straightened to be heat waves and then clamping some of them together with the help of handles. It is not a kind of conventional waver equipment and utilizes the technology called Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver which further helps in emitting the heat and negative ions in strands of the hair. The sculpted waves are produced by combining both tourmaline gemstones and conventional ceramic waver elements together. The product works in a certain manner as stated below:-

  • Compression of the hair strands which are placed among the heated barrels is carried out.
  • The hair strand cuticles are closed effectively due to the negative ions and heat produced.
  • The retention of the moisture in strands of hair can be seen but the hair appears to be manageable as well as soft.

It can be affirmed that the technology used in making this product conditions appropriately the hair with the help of infra-red heat along with negative ions. It does not involve much time and is hassle-free in nature. In comparison to the conventional wavers, the curls created through this machine stay on for a longer period of time.


You can attain smooth as well as deep waves by making use of the 3 barrel design. The wavy look of the hair remains visible the whole day and appears silkier, shinier. One can utilize this product for providing three good styles to your hair.

  • Continuous waves – The third barrel is used for compressing the hair. In order to get a consistent wavy look, the matching of the outer wave is done in next comprehension.
  • Long curls – Long time is invested in compressing the hair from root towards the end.
  • Prep – Sculpted waves are formulated after the formation of the ripples. Smaller parts are pressed using the barrels.

The efficient hairspray called Bed Head Masterpiece hairspray is utilized for making sure that the style stays for a longer period without any problem. In case the look wants to be changed, then it is essential to wash the sculpted hair. Curls are only temporary so will fade away soon. This portable machine can be taken anywhere and used at any point of time due to its long life. It is not at all bulky and heavy.

Use of the gadget

Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver comes with a manual which must be read properly before its usage and the instructions must be followed perfectly. It runs on a power cord attached to a polarized plug for one’s safety purposes.

  • Plug the appliance carefully and heat it around 30-40 seconds only.
  • Use this product on the clean and dry hair.
  • ‘On’ button helps in switching on the appliance.
  • The dial placed helps in controlling the heat as per the hair type. Ones using it for the very first time must start from the lowest level.
  • Unplug the gizmo after the barrels get heated up.
  • Hair styling is done by placing some of the hair among the barrels and then using the handles for pressing it.
  • After completion of the styling, allow the hair to cool down. After cooling, you are allowed to comb your hair or touch it.

Use a paddle brush when combing the hair. Hair can get damaged with a prolonged use of the barrels or hair comes in contact with the issue of over-heating. The options of multiple settings are provided for the benefit of the user.

Advantages of Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver

The utmost benefit of using this machine is that you do not need to be an artist to style your hair, let the machine work it out for you. You need to follow the instructions and utilize this easy to use machine. You only get professional and long lasting waves. The three kinds of heat settings; low, medium and high; make it suitable for all types of hair. Thick, thin or medium hair all work well on this product. Lastly, there is no more investment needed after buying this amazing product. Maintenance or lubrication fees are not required for this appliance. It is safe to be used by simply following the mentioned instructions. Another worth to mention advantage is the price. Make sure you check out this discount.

User Reviews

The experienced users of this machine have greatly recommended others to buy this product and have rated this product fully in terms of price, features, effectiveness and packaging. They have confirmed that someone who is looking for hassle-free waver, this is the best option to begin with. Simple instructions demonstrated in the manual make it readable by any person. Some stated that it is easy to carry when traveling and does not take much time to give you the desired look.


curling-wand-small-logoThis appliance knows how to add style as well as value to your hair and make it look perfect. The latest technology and user-friendly approach inculcated in this appliance results in making it an ideal choice for today’s women. It is greatly suggested by the experienced users, especially for the ones who are starters. Buy this machine today and experience the wavy, beautiful hair by paying affordable price. Or if you have any questions, shot them bellow, I’ll be more than happy to chat with you.

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