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Using Remington’s new ceramic curling wand: the T-Studio Salon Collection Pearl Digital


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On June 15, 2015
Last modified:November 17, 2015


One of the best selling curling wands in the history of haircare gadgets comes from Remington, under the T-Studio series. The ceramic curling wand titled the Salon Collection Pearl Digital comes with great features for its price, and I rate this at 90/100.

curling-wand-small-logoRemington’s curling wands can bring great stylish appearances to any hair which is why most people love to keep one around. However, these hair styling products come in various diverse quality types, brands and models. It is therefore important to evaluate what features each option provides. It’s a good thing you have me to help you with that. Here is my review of the Remington T-studio Salon Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand, one of the most affordable units out there. You’ll find out in under 1 minute:

Features and specs

The T-studio line from Remington comes with various trademark features from the manufacturer as well as unique enhancements. Some of the features you will find in this curling wand include the following:

  • Patented ceramic finish – This is perhaps the smoothest wand finish ever and features patented ceramic pearl technology. The device is both comfortable and easy to use.
  • 2 barrel sizes – This is mainly designed to allow formation of different types of wands thus creating diversity of style. You can either get the 1/2 Inch – 1 Inch or the 1 Inch – 1 1/2 Inch.
  • Auto shut off – The automatic shut off feature conserves energy by only heating the wand to required level. The curling wand can heat to 410 Fahrenheit and withstands high heat.
  • Protective glove – The heat protective glove is an additional bonus that comes with this curling wand and basically makes it easier to style.

There are various other minor features depicted by the device. The Salon Collection offers easy digital control and quickly heats up to achieve the smooth wands of different kinds. The cone-shaped design offers a variety of styling dimensions and can be used to fulfill diverse needs. It also uses one of the most advanced ceramic surface in the industry.

Looks & usage

Check out this great video from Valerie who shows you how to use it:


Pro reviews

Remington is a reputable company and produces different types of care products including hair care and beautification. Their products are some of the most recommended and they have global outreach. There are several straightforward benefits that come from using products from reputable market leaders. What’s more, the curling wands have been bought by many users already and receive numerous customer reviews across different platforms. Some models have over 3,000 reviews in  online stores and several others across multiple websites. Some of the benefits that users have testified and acknowledged include the following:

  • Ease of use – The curling wand is easy to handle heat and use in styling hair. It also has different size barrels to offer a given level of personalization of the style. The ergonomic surface is smooth and a cone-design allows comfortable grip. The device also heats up pretty quickly thus allowing styling in the shortest time possible.
  • Durability – Many customers have not only hailed the beauty of ceramic pearl surface but also its hardness and durability. The smooth surface is non-stick and does not retain dirt, dust and grime, cleaning the tool is equally easy and the surface neither surfers tarnishing nor pealing.
  • Effectiveness – The main purpose of buying a curling wand iron is to achieve beautiful unique wands. Remington T-studio Salon Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand effectively meets this purpose and also allows diverse results.
  • Price – You can find this product on sale today, for just -.

Other unique benefits that customers and users mentioned included energy conservation achieved by the automatic shut off feature and aesthetic appeal as it fits elegantly among other body care products. The tool is lightweight and can be carried around without feeling any distress.

Con reviews

Although the Salon Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic offers a lot of benefits and is effortless to use, it does come with a few concerns. There are quite a number of low-rate reviews that stem from various bad experiences using the product. One major concern is that the curling wand has no clamp which makes it difficult to effectively style shot to mid-length hair. Some users have suggested it as a perfect option for those with long thick hair. Otherwise, those with short hair length will need additional support to keep the hair in place during styling. The gloves also offer little heat protection than expected and sometimes the iron wand gets a bit too hot to handle without much care.


curling-wand-small-logoThere are various options to select in the market and while others offer much better alternatives, most are average quality. T-Studio ceramic pearl salon collection wand is easy to use, conserves energy, achieves different types of wands and is durable. These are the main features users seek in a curling wand. Besides, it is affordable and easy to maintain. Most people using the wand are satisfied with the results it achieves. Now it’s your turn. Would you buy this? Already own one and need to share something with us? Use the form bellow.

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