15 Short Haircut Ideas for Type 4 Natural Hair

We love to see all the beauty of natural hair in its glory. With the summer sun still in effect, we are completely on board the #shorthairdontcare train. As curlies we have full, voluminous, thick, and even dense hair at times that can just sponge up heat during this time of year and cutting it is a must! For our Type 4 curlies with a tighter coil, kink, and curl, identifying the right short hairstyle for you is all about being bold and embracing the density that can make beautiful angles and show off your texture. Kinky and coily textured hair is very fine and fragile so you have the flexibility to sport any look whether you go for super short layers, or do the big chop. We’ve got all the curlspiration for you with these 15 looks that you will love!

1. Halo Fro


Image: @naturally_charlette

A round halo cut is flattering on most face shapes and shows off the beauty of the full textured cut. A great way to style this is with a product like coconut oil that will provide plenty of moisture and shine.

2. TWA

Image: @jaynellenicole

TWA is a classic short natural hair style that is typically worn after a big chop! This is perfect for giving your hair a refresh after heat damage or a transition from relaxed hair.

3. Angular Bob

Image: @vonie_boo

The angled bob is a haircut that is typically shorter in the back and transitions to a longer length in the front. This is definitely a new twist on a classic curly cut that is flattering, edgy, and easy to style.

4. Pixie Cut

Image: @twinsunisexsalontheglambar

The curly pixie cut is a short natural haircut that is cropped into layers and has a tousled effect on the coils. They are a fun, low maintenance style that allows you to embrace your texture in its full glory while serving volume and definition.

5. Shape Up

Image: @theloftmedford

If you already have a signature style that you enjoy, don’t be afraid to ask your stylist for a shape up! This is a great way to revive your current style or for your stylist to get creative and reshape your hair based on new trends or hair goals.

6. Tapered Cut With Fade

Image: @beautywithbj

Tapered haircuts are short and trendy and showcase your texture by bringing attention to the hair being longer at the top and shorter on the sides. Incorporating the fade along the side gives an added style to the cut, but keep in mind it does have to be upkept every few weeks as the hair grows out.

7. Afro


Short afro hairdos are an eye-catching cut that complement thick and coiled curls. The afro is a classic hairstyle that can be worn as full or short as possible and compliments many face shapes.

8. Tapered Cut W/Design Accents

Image: @juliedavette

When rocking a tapered cut you should always be open to versatility and creativity that comes with this dynamic cut. Many barbers love to include accent designs and signature lines to the sides of the cut to give it additional edge. 

9. Layered Afro

Image: @mckenzie_renae

Layering your coils and kinks is an excellent way to create the illusion of fullness or thickness. This is a popular way of creating versatile shapes that frame the face and allow for the cut to still be visible as they grow out.

10. Pompadour

Cut and color by @kennycolesalon on @mariahmartin67 

If you are looking for a bold and fresh way to rock short hair, look no further than the chic pompadour. This look is very versatile for curlies who may already have short hair and need a refresh. In addition it can be worn with a dry or wet curly look for more definition.

11. Fresh Fade

Image: @mahogany.xploher

A fresh fade is viewed as another “big chop” which is a great way to start your hair growth anew and give your scalp some much needed TLC. Fades can be styled with color, accent designs, or edge ups in order to give them a better shape and definition.

12. Blunt Bangs

Image: @korluhairartist 

Bangs are a commitment regardless of the type of texture you have, but blunt bangs are a great way to add some style to your everyday hairstyle. They can be worn curly or straight and and worn with a variety of styles.

13. Curly Top Fade

Image: @sabrinakvictor

This stunning style is a great way to wear your curls uptop and shaped with a short to medium fade along the sides. You can wear your hair with as much definition and volume as you’d like depending how high your cut is.

14. Fro Hawk

Image: @iam.tiffany.renee

Frohawks are a popular hairstyle in the natural hair community because they can be cut or styled with any hair texture. They can be cut as long or short as the customer would like and are meant to maximize the definition of the hair.

15. Bowl Cut

Image: @jess_salonlola

This signature cut is making a triumphant return with a little added curly twist. The bowl cut is a great low maintenance style that allows for the versatility of length and growth.

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