19 Best Hair Braiding Salons in the Country

Who doesn’t love beautifully braided styles? Braids have been a longstanding cultural staple that embody the strength, versatility, and beauty of natural hair. While they can be time consuming and painful at times, the end result is well worth the wait. With more and more braiding salons popping up around the country, we’re here to help you discover a braiding salon near you and learn a bit about their history and specializations.
Working with a hair braider is a unique experience as they bring a vision to life or pair you with a style that you hadn’t discovered yet. Braids are great for protective styling and for traveling on the go especially in the summer season when toting around multiple hair products isn’t ideal for a getaway.  

1. Ancestral Strands



Where: Brooklyn, New York

Ancestral Braids was founded by Tamara Albertini who wanted to combine the cultural and spiritual practice of braiding to modern day hair services with her salon. Her signature “Goddess Bang Braid” is inspired by the Tigray Tribe of Ethiopia and features intricate embellished braids on the forehead. She has been featured in editorial magazines like Essence, Oprah Magazine, and worked with celebrities like Nia Franklin and Kamie Crawford.

2. Ramas Braiding Salon 


Where: Indianapolis, Indiana

Ramas is the premiere braiding salon in the Indianapolis area bringing luxurious styles to life that are inspired by the latest hair trends and celebrity looks. Ramas offers popular styles like box braids,cornrows, traditional dreadlocks, twists, updos, and more. The stylists also offer consultation services to help you discover the best style for your hair type and scalp.

3. House of Braid


Where: Encino, California

House of Braid was founded by Tassara Azra who is an L.A. native and wanted to create a remedy for dealing with curly hair. She performs men and women’s braided styles that range from goddess braids, knotless, fulani, and more. Her work can be seen on celebrities and influencers like Aubrey O’Day, Milan Dixon, and Teyana Taylor. 

4. Beauty Concepts Salon 

Image Beauty Concepts Salon 

Where: Grand Prairie, Texas

Valerie Tonie is a licensed stylist with over 20 years of experience who incorporated her passion for healthy hair and extension techniques into her salon Beauty Concepts Salon. She specializes in African braiding techniques such as sengalese twists, havana twists, kinky twists, and additional styles with extensions. Her lead braider Dorine Massoh is also on hand to help educate clients on their braid and scalp maintenance with touch-up techniques and products.

5. Aisha Hair Braiding DC


Where: Silver Spring, Maryland

Aisha Hair Braiding is a premiere salon that offers a variety of hair braiding and weave services to clients in the DC area. She offers a team of dedicated braiders who are trained to work with a variety of hair types at an affordable price. Her “heavenly braids” range from knotless styles, lemonade braids, braided updos, tribal braids, and loc variations.

6. Strands of Beauty

Image Strands of Beauty

Where: Atlanta, Georgia

Welcome to Georgia where master braider Ethena is here to bring the beauty of braided styles to her customers. As a master braider with over 100,000 hours of experience she created Strands of Beauty to create protective hairstyles that are fast, affordable, and convenient for her customers. Customers can get classic braided styles such as tree braids, crochet braids, box braids, cornrows, tape extensions, and more!

7. Nara Hair Braiding


Where: Raleigh, North Carolina

Nara Hair Braiding is an African hair salon located in North Carolina. Customers can choose from a variety of braided options like knotless braids, feed in braids, flat twist, box braids, and stitch braids.

8. Matou’s African Braiding Salons


Where: Camden, New Jersey

Customers can visit Matou’s African Braiding Salon in New Jersey and get a beautiful and versatile hairstyle that will last. Matou offers a variety of trendy braided hairstyles such as basket braids, goddess braids, micro braids, and more. Every customer can look forward to quality work that is quality, effortless,and beautiful.

9. African Hair Braiding By Fifi


Location: Detroit, Michigan

African Hair Braiding by Fifi provides quality braiding services that provides education and maintenance tips to preserve the look. Fifi offers popular styles such as microbraids, cornrows, and the Brazilian cornrow twist. Customers can also look forward to an array of amazing hair extensions to add to their braided styles.

10. Friendly African Hair Braiding


Where: Columbus, Ohio

Kadi and Aicha are the proud owners of the Friendly African Hair Braiding Salon located in the Columbus metro areas in Ohio. These ladies wanted to bring Africa’s rich cultural environment to customers combined with the best hair braiders in the city. Their braiding services range from invisible braids, micro braids, tree braids, goddess braids, in addition to custom hair styles and weaves.

11. The Braid Lounge


Where: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Laudia Guilao Ames is the CEO of The Braid Lounge and she designed the salon to be the ultimate experience in African braiding for any customer. The Braid Lounge offers different types of braided styles such as triangle knotless braids, tree braids, goddess braids, senegalese twists, and box braids. In addition to weekly specials, novice braiders can learn braiding basics at The Braid Lounge Academy.

12. Divine Design


Where: West Palm Beach, Florida

Divine Design Natural Hair Solutions was created to deliver high quality professional hair services using leading industry techniques and tools. Known for their signature box braids, this West Palm Beach salon has stylists that can style a variety of box braid styles with a consultation to find the best fit for you.

13. Mouna’s African Hair Braiding


Where: Denver, Colorado

This Denver salon features professional, trendy, upscale braiding options that customers will enjoy in a “stress-free” atmosphere. The braiding styles range from tribal braids, fulani braids, faux locks, lemonade braids, and box braids. Customer service is one of the hallmarks of this salon who offers to take down old braids and to wash/dry hair before braiding.

14. Simina Afrian Hair Braiding


Where: Boston, Massachusetts

Columba is the proud owner of Siminia which has been bringing the art of African hair braiding to Boston for over a decade. This salon offers many beautiful braided styles such as ghana braids, bob braids, invisible braids, and tree braids. Customers can also get protective styles like twists, weaves, and dreadlocks to keep their hair protected and healthy.

15. Kassia African Hair Braiding and Weaves


Where: Birmingham, Alabama

Known as Birmingham’s “best salon”, Kassia’s African Hair Braiding uses pure human hair to create intricate styles for braids and weaves. Kassia uses expert hair braiders to provide consultations and give expert service that will have customers coming back for more. Their services range from corn rows, comb twist, and micro braids.

16. Eagle Hair Braids and Salon 


Where: Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City is bringing all the heat with over 100 styles clients can choose from whether they are inspired by the latest trend or want to get their hair done in house. They offer several braided styles like single braids, jumbo big braids, lemonade braids, micro braids, and more! Each braided style features an individual price bracket and estimated duration to help you prepare for your appointment.

17. Authentic African Hair Braiding

Image Authentic African Hair Braiding

Where: Bloomington, Minnesota

As one of the most distinguished salons in Minnesota, Authentic African Hair Braiding provides customers with a quick, convenient, and affordable atmosphere for their styling services. This salon features hair braiding specialists that love a challenge. Their braiding styles include triangle braids, sew-in braids, ghana braids, box braids, and more.

18. Raphine Afro Braiding and Extensions


Where: New Orleans, Louisiana

As the hub for African, French, and American culture, New Orleans is the premiere spot to get your braided styles done. Raphine’s is stylish, trendy, and aims to give customers the highest quality service possible. They specialize in hair braiding services such as kinky twists, marley braids, french braids, two strand twists, and more!

19. Divine Braids and Beauty Supply

Image Divine Braids and Beauty Supply

Where: Providence, Rhode Island

Are you ready to get divine? Beautician and cosmetologist Sarah Reeves created Divine Braids and Beauty Supply to create beautiful braided styles that highlight the versatility of natural hair. As a full service hair braiding shop customers can use braids, dreadlocks, curly cornrows, senegalese twists, wigs. 

Do you have a stand-out braiding salon in your area? Give it a shout out in the comments!

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