8 Natural Hairstyles Bringing the Heat this Summer

Managing curly hair can be stressful and tiring at times, especially in climates that aren’t curl friendly, for example, summer. The sweat and humidity cause extra frizz, plus the heat just makes having hair down uncomfortable and, occasionally, impractical. But naturalistas are experts at rocking the versatility of curly hair in all its shapes and forms in beautiful and creative hairstyles. These are eight of our favorite natural hairstyles of the summer.

natural hair twists hairstyle


You can never go wrong with a couple well-placed accessories. Embrace your day 3 curls by twisting one side of your hair and add gold cuffs for a quick and easy style on the go.


This curly mohawk is a show stopper. The maximum volume it brings it will be sure to turn heads.


This summer, dress up the quintessential pineapple with a scarf. Leal says “I’m usually in a pineapple during the day but when I want to spice it up + still be comfortable, this is usually what I’ll do.”


We love this mommy and me protective style for the summer. Lower maintenance for you and your little ones. If you’re planningo n trying braids this summer, check out our list of 21 braided hairstyles to try next


This classic half-up half-down style will never go out of style, but try incorporating some texture by adding twists and accessories like shells or beads.


Space buns are cute and great for festival season. Try braiding your hair and then wrapping them into buns to add texture and style. Laying those edges is optional.

If you’re struggling to keep bangs out of your face this summer, try this take on double buns. “I thought this hairstyle was gonna turn out lookin so childish but it’s so cute!! Def gonna be a go-to for summer to keep my bangs out my face” says @goldynaps

For many curlies, braids are a go-to summer style for keeping your hair out of your face, and we like that this style is sleek while keeping your texture.

These are only a few ideas to keep you from getting too hot while staying stylish, this summer. What unique styles have you tried and loved?

This article has been updated with new styles. 

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