GOO GOO Hair Extensions Human Hair Dark Brown Halo Hair Extensions 100g 20 Inch 100g Flip in Straight Hidden Crown Extensions Transparent Fish Line Invisible Hairpiece


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Product Description

googoo hair extensionsgoogoo hair extensions

Googoo hair is dedicated to the development of the highest quality hair extensions. We have our own brand and factory, with more than 20 years history of hair extensions. We sincerely appreciate our customers’ encouragement and feedback. Googoo Hair promises to change the way everyone envisions hair extensions. More comfortable, lighter, healther and versatile. Easier and quicker to install.

· More Healthier– Scientific research shows that leaving any extension in the same place for a long period can create stress on the hair and scalp. Our breakthrough halo hair extensions don’t have glue, tape, sewing or other heavier application methods. Lighter and comfortable to wear, Googoo Halo extensions is healthier for the scalp and hair.

· Quick and Easy– Unlike tape-in, sew-in, bonded hair extensions, our halo extensions is so quick and easy for you to adjust as needed. Whether you have your stylist adjust them or learn to do it by yourself.

· Three kinds color experiences–We use the latest color matching technology. When your hair doesn’t move,it is gradient effect. When you shake your hair slightly, it is highlighted color effect. When you shake a lot or curl it, it is mixed ombre color effect.

· Human Hair– All extensions are made from 100% human remy hair. Human remy hair is among the highest caliber of hair extensions as the hair is cut from women with the cuticle intact and flowing in the same direction for ultimate softness and ease of blending with hair.

· Care Tips– As with any extension, care should be taken to keep hair tangle free and they should be treated gently during the wash, dry and style process.

halo hair extensionshalo hair extensions

Product Specification:

Type: Remy Flip Hair Extensions.Material: 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions.Length: 12inch, 14inch, 16inch, 18inch, 20inch.Weight: 12”-14”: 70g, 16″-18″: 80g, 20″: 100g. We recommend 1 pack for thick hair, 2 packs for thin hair.Color: Dark brown Hair Extensions.Texture: Straight, Thick from Top to End.Number of Clip: 4 Clips (Effectively avoid embarrassment caused by falling wire)Number of Wire: 1 Wire.Gift: 2 clips, 2 wire, 1 pair eyelashes

Goo goo Halo Hair Extensions Advantages and Details:

invisiable hair

invisiable hair

halo hair extensions

halo hair extensions

halo hair clip

halo hair clip

 hair extensions

 hair extensions

Invisible Wire & Fast and Easy to put and take out.

[1] Less presure to your hair, Will not damage the scalp, comfortable and healthy beauty. Only 5 minutes to put or take out, anyone can do it.

Wire & Clip: Double Fixation

[2] In order to fix the halo hair better and keep it more stable during wearing, we sew some clips on the halo weft. Double protection.

(The attached clips can be easily take out or installed)

Free accessories: 2 clips and 2 wires

[3] Metal clips are samilar color with the hair. We offer two clips and two wires for replacement: the elastic wire is 10 inches long, more comfortable; the inelastic wire is 9.25 inches, more stable

Adjust the width by changing the position of the hook on the hair weft

[4] We have improved the way of adjusting the width of the flip hair extensions. The third generation can obtain the most appropriate width without other tools easily and comfortably .

googoo hair extensions color and lengthgoogoo hair extensions color and length

Googoo new Halo hair extensions

[1]The new “F”colors:

The new F-color hair extension is very soft and fashion. The F-color has magical color effect. When the wind is strong, its colors appear a mixed color effect. When the wind is small, its colors appear the effect of intermediate colors. In addition, when you curl the hair extensions, it can blend well and more beautiful. F color hair extension gives you charming colors and amazing wearing effects.

[2]Notes on how to use the hair extension:

Our hair extension is 100% human. It can wash, strengthen, curl and dye. We recommend controlling the temperature of the alignment plate between 130 and 150 degrees. Some colors can also be dyed to your favorite color. We recommend using light-colored hair extensions for dyeing. The effects of straightening and curling are different for different length. If you often curl it, we recommend that you better buy a size longer than your hair. Different sizes bring you different charming styles.

halo hair extensions how to applyhalo hair extensions how to apply

How to Wear Halo Hair Extensions – step1

1. Frist, choose the right color and size, gently brush your hair and the hair extensions itself, we recommend using a wide-toothed comb to avoid damage or breakage.


How to Wear Halo Hair Extensions – step2

2. Split your hair above the ears about 1-1.5 inch away from your hairline and leave over the top. Place the hair extension with wire sitting behind, pull your own hair over the hair extension.

Note: the hair extensions cannot stay still if you place the wire too far behine, this will also cause unsecure feeling while wearing. Be sure that the wire is not too loose and not too tight. If you are unsure, give your head a little shake—the wire should be totally secure. Make sure the back of the flip in hair doesn’t fall to low behind.


How to Wear Halo Hair Extensions – step3

3. Make your own hair cover the fishing line and comb it neatly. Be sure to be extra gentle when combing through your hair so that you don’t snag the halo wire or accidentally move the halo out of place. Make the clips to fix on the hair.

how to apply halo hair extensionshow to apply halo hair extensions

How to Wear Halo Hair Extensions – step4

4. Release the top section of your hair. Gently tousle to blend your natural hair on extensions. Now, Start experimenting with new hairstyles now!









how care hair exntensionshow care hair exntensions

[1、How To Wash]

Pls pay attention to this hair care to avoid the tangled because of dryness, oil, dirt build—up. salt water, high temperature error on the hair or wrong combing and washing method.

1. Comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb to avoid knot.

2. Wash your hair extensions with warm water and sulfate free conditioner as well as 100% safe hair products.

3. Wash your hair by holding gently. Do not rub your hair. Hold the roots down to avoid tearing.

4. Comb your hair extensions with a wide-tooth comb from the bottom to the top of the hair extensions.

5. Gently hold the hair with your hand and squeeze the water.

6. Beat the hair with a towel until the hair Is dry, it is best to dry.

[2、How To Care]

1.Wash your extensions with moisturizing hair care products: this will keep the moisture in from shampooing while at the same time not drying them out from over-shampooing.

2.Be Extremely Gentle: Combing or styling the extensions gently can avoid hair from falling out. Use a wide-tooth comb, start at the bottom and slowly work your way up.

3.Use Heat Protectant: Use heat protectant on hair extensions to reduce the risk of heat damage. When use hot iron, please keep the temperature less than 150 Celsius.

4.Deep Condition: Once a week, carefully put your extensions in warm water and apply a bit of conditioner all over. Leave for around 20 minutes then rinse and air dry.

5.Keep Ends Trimmed: As careful as you are, your human-hair extensions will most likely get split ends. It is better to wash it every 4-5 days. To avoid letting the damage move up the hair shaft, trim the ends every 6 to 10 weeks.

2. 【Only 5 Minutes to Put or Take out】 Halo hair extensions is the easiest and quickest tool for adding volume and length. Anyone can do it. You can refer to our page description for wearing. Adjust size by tightening or loosening the standby wire. We put two more wires in the package.
3.【Double Fixed with Fish Line and Clips–More Stable, Human Hair–Can Be Styled】Both fish line which is 9.25inch and 4 clips, more Stable. If you don’t need clips, just take out them. 100% human hair can be dyed and styled. We offer extra 2 clips and 2 fish lines for replacement: the elastic fish line is 9.65inch long, more comfortable. the inelastic fish line is 9inch, more stable.
4.【Best Ratio of Length to Weight】12”-14’’: 70g, 16’’-18’’: 80g, 20’’: 100g. 1 pack is for adding length, 2 packs for adding volume. It’s not suitable for people with very fine hair on the top or baldness as the wire may not be well hidden. How to care and wear: please refer to the detailed description.
5.【Comfortable Weft Width and Lace Design】Our halo hair extensions weft’s width is made according to measure head circumference which is 10.9inch. The lace net is 90-degree curved design to prevent your ears from being rubbed by the weft.

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GOO GOO Hair Extensions Human Hair Dark Brown Halo Hair Extensions 100g 20 Inch 100g Flip in Straight Hidden Crown Extensions Transparent Fish Line Invisible Hairpiece


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