Hair Dough Styling Clay For Men, Matte Finish Molding Hair Wax Paste Quiff, Strong Hold Without The Shine


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Product Description

Hair Dough mens hair productsHair Dough mens hair products

Good job… you finally found us. Hair Dough. The men’s hair product that goes in looking natural and stays that way all day. No more shiny thick gels that make your hair look like it’s coated in crunchy slime.

Hair Dough maintains your natural hair color, adds a matte finish and makes it pliable in almost any way, giving you the freedom to style as you desire all day long. Worried about your hair getting a little sweaty and falling down? No problem, our strong-hold formula is designed to keep your hair in place even during the most unexpected situations.

Here at the Hair Dough Headquarters, we eat, sleep and breathe Hair Dough. We all style our hair on a daily basis with our own products not because we need to but because we love to. We’re all hair guys here too, just like you!

Hold Strength




Firm Workable






All Day Hold

Hair dough logo modelHair dough logo model

A Strong Hold You Can Trust… All Day

Hair Dough men’s styling clay gives you a strong and flexible hold along with a matte finish you need to manipulate your hair to any hairstyle you desire. Apply it to long hair or use it on shorter hair to rock the look you’ve always wanted.

Thanks to its all-day long hold, it’s perfect for users that live an active lifestyle. Simply apply some of it on your hand and run it through your hair to achieve a strong yet pliable hold with a natural matte finish that only Hair Dough’s Men’s Styling Fiber can help you achieve.

Hair dough logo square

Hair dough logo square

Hair Dough Model

Hair Dough Model

Hair dough models collection

Hair dough models collection

“Let Your Hair Dough The Talking”

This has been our motto since day one.

The Hair Dough story begins in 2018. The founding team’s objective was to provide men with a high quality hair product at an affordable cost. Leveraging the internet and a bright team, Hair Dough is proud to sell styling clay that gives men’s hair the strong hold to keep looking neat and clean all day long.

Style Is Our First Priority

Get the stylish matte look you’ve always wanted with Hair Dough Matte Styling Clay for Men.

No More falling hairs getting in your way during your busy day. Hair Dough is meant to be applied once a day and will last all day.

Top Quality Ingredients

All Hair Dough products are made with premium top quality ingredients. We didn’t create Hair Dough to make hair products that don’t work.

In fact, here at the Hair Dough headquarters, we all use our own products on daily basis. That’s how much we’re dedicated to bringing you only the best of the best when it comes to hair care.

Hair dough on old man with styled hair Hair dough on old man with styled hair

Get Your Hair To Cooperate With You

When it comes to getting your hair to look the way you want, things rarely go smoothly This is why we designed our men’s hair paste to provide you with a simple and effective way to elevate your hair game. Hair Dough Matte hair wax lets you style your hair by giving you the strong and flexible matte hold you need to make your hair look just the way you want while instantly adding more texture and thickness to your hair.

Hair dough matte hair clay for menHair dough matte hair clay for men

What Makes Hair Dough Better Than The Rest?

Strong All Day Hold

No more mid-day bathroom breaks to check if your hair is still holding up good. Hair Dough holds your hairstyle in a neat and clean fashion all day long, even if you live an active lifestyle.

Matte Finish

Shiny hair should have been left back in the 2000’s. The future is here, and the future is having your hair look styled and natural at the same time.

Works With Any Hair Type

Short, straight, thick, curly, thin, long, or wavy… It doesn’t matter, Hair Dough works seamlessly on all hair types to deliver the strong matte finish that you desire.

SHINE-FREE MATTE FINISH: Tired of using hair gels and hair waxes that leave behind residue or a shine? We were too which is why we designed our hair styling wax paste to deliver a shine-free finish that doesn’t leave behind any residue or shine to give you the matte look you want!
IMPROVE TEXTURE & THICKNESS: Hair Dough styling paste lets you bundle your hair together in a relaxed manner and safely keep it that way for longer by making sure the hair strands are appropriately distributed amongst one another. This not only gives your hair a thicker look but also enhances the texture to make it look and feel its best.
WATER BASED & WATER SOLUBLE: This styling clay pomade is made without any harmful chemicals or ingredients to ensure strong holding power while keeping your hair completely. We use a unique and healthy blend of clay, waxes, and oils to bring you a natural look hair wax that you can safely use all day.
IDEAL FOR ALL HAIRSTYLES: Whether you have thick short hair or long wavy hair, you can count on matte styling clay to help you achieve the look you want. It forces your hair to look exactly the way you want it to and washes out easily to let you create any subtle and trendy hairstyle you have in mind.

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Hair Dough Styling Clay For Men, Matte Finish Molding Hair Wax Paste Quiff, Strong Hold Without The Shine


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