This Super Scrunch Method Will Give your Curly Hair Extra Volume and Definition

If your hair is looking flat at the roots, or you are experiencing frizz and flyaways, the Super-scrunch Method can help you get bouncy, shiny curls that last even in variable weather conditions. It can make fine or thinning hair look substantially fuller without sacrificing definition, too. This method combines scrunching, shingling, and product layering.


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What you’ll need:

How to Do the Super Scrunch Method

Step 1. Apply Leave-In

On fully saturated hair, apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner. Rake through your hair with your fingers. If you have high-porosity hair that tends to tangle easily, flip your head over and rake through the bottom layers of your hair. Massage your ends with the leave-in conditioner, ensuring they are thoroughly coated.

Step 2. Apply Styler

Rake in 4-6 pumps of the volumizing foam. I prefer to do this with my head upside down and focus on the bottom layers. Flip your head back over, and then rake through your hair again to ensure that there are no tangles. Part it as you would normally wear it.

Step 3. Brush Style

Brush through your hair with the Denman brush, making sure that you have reached every curl. Finish by brushing downwards and flipping out the ends. This will cause large curl clumps to form.

Step 4. Shingle

Shingle (evenly distribute product using your fingers) any curls that need a little extra encouragement. You can take apart any clumps that are larger than you would like and shingle those as well.

Step 5. Scrunch

Emulsify 2-3 pumps of gel with 6-8 sprays of the volumizing tonic between your palms to form a cocktail.

Carefully scrunch the gel/volumizing tonic cocktail into your hair in small sections. Scrunch from the mid-sections upwards to the roots. After you have done this all around your head, you can scrunch any remaining cocktail into any areas of your hair that tend to lose definition easily.

Step 6. Dry 

Using the microfiber towel, scrunch your roots to remove excess water. Make sure to use a dry area of the towel for each scrunch.

Wait five minutes, and then scrunch your whole head again, from the ends up to the roots. This step helps to prevent your roots from drying flat and allows you to skip root clipping.

Let your hair air dry, or you can diffuse on a cool setting.

Step 7. Fluff

After your hair is dry, lightly fluff your hair and pick out the roots. Make sure to flip your head over and pick the roots at the nape of your neck. If you want your curls to last for several days, be gentle with this step, and avoid scrunching out the ends.

What is your favorite method to get both volume and definition? Let us know in the comments. For more great leave-ins to use, click here.

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